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Maja Syrnicka is among the leading representatives of the most talented young Polish violinists. She is a tremendously ambitious and creative violinist who frequently and successfully takes part  in many competitions.  

Jakub Haufa-leader of Sinfonia Varsovia


Maja Syrnicka was born in Katowice (Poland) on the 13th of December 1988. She started to play violin at the age of 6. She studied by Professor Antoni Cofalik (Krakow), Professor Jadwiga Kaliszewska ( Poznan) and Professor Krzysztof Wegrzyn (Hannover). Music is her true passion. She enjoys the most playing as a soloist with orchestras, but performing as a member of chamber ensambles also brings her a great happiness.

She took part in many competitions. The Most important are: III Violin Competition “Lutoslawski in memoriam” in Torun 2013 (II Prise), Masterclass Pila 2010 (Grandprix) , Giovanni Talenti in San Bartolomeo 2010 (I Prise in category SOLO, and I prise in category CHAMBER MUSIC as a member of Piano TRIO), Music Competition in Naples (I Prise in SOLO category and I Prise with Piano Trio), Violin Competition “Andrea Postaccini” in Fermo 2009 (III Prise). She won scholarship “Young Poland”in 2015. Since January 2015, after winning the audition, Maja has been playing the violin from Stiftung Niedersachsen Hannover.